Welcome to the Norfolk Circuit Court

Vision Statement – – Accessible to all, Trusted by all, Justice for all
Mission Statement – – The Norfolk Circuit Court will provide open access to justice in a fair, efficient and timely manner, ensuring all citizens the rights guaranteed by the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Our Values – – Integrity, Accountability, Excellence, Professionalism

Our Goals – – Timely & efficient case processing
Ensure equal access to case files, documents and records
Maintain a strong and satisfied workforce dedicated to the furtherance of the mission and vision statements

Welcome to the Norfolk Circuit Court website!



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Have you received a summons for Jury Duty? You are REQUIRED to complete the online questionnaire here. If you do not have access to a computer or smart phone, call (757) 266-4194.
You MUST call each evening after 5:00 PM to confirm that you are needed. (757) 266-4194

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring recently released the new Military and Veterans Legal Resource Guide. It is available here: Self Help to Legal Resource Guide.

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Norfolk Circuit Court Clerk’s Office
150 St. Paul’s Blvd.  7th Floor
Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone:  (757) 769-8539
Toll free:  (877) 643-6741



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