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Fines, costs, fees, and restitution
DD 214 Military Discharge Certificates
Concealed Handgun Permits
Ministers Licenses
Divorce – No-Fault Do It Yourself online tool


How much does it cost to file a:

Divorce – $86.00
Adoption – $91.00 (Download Adoption Manual)
Name change – $46.00 (Download Name Change Manual)

Is there a fee to issue a subpoena?

The sheriff’s fee for service of process is $12.00.  The fee for issuance of subpoena duces tecum is $5.00.

How do I change my name?

You must complete a name change Petition and Order. The fee is $46.00 Download NameChange Brochure. .

How do I petition the Court for restoration of my license after having been declared a Habitual Offender?

You must complete a petition for restoration (form available in the clerk’s office).  The fee is $86.00.  The sheriff’s fee for service of process is $12.00 per service.  The Commonwealth’s Attorney and the DMV Commissioner must be served.  You must submit a current copy of your driving record (available from DMV).

Download Habitual Offender Brochure

How long does it take to get a divorce?

Depending on your circumstances, a divorce can be finalized in a little as one day, or as long as a year.

How long do I have to note an appeal?

Thirty days from the date of entry of the final order.


Has my document been recorded?

Do a search on the customer name by using Record Indexing under Land Records.

Are any liens on my property or a particular piece of property?

This requires a search by the customer or a title search company.

How can I get a copy of my Deed?

Visit our copy center on the 2nd floor or you are free to search our records yourself.

Can I search for properties by address?

No.  We only search by name.  Real Estate division on the 4th floor of City Hall can search by address.

I want to add someone to my deed, what should I do?

If property isn’t paid in full, contact your mortgage holder.  If property is paid in full and no money is being exchanged, a deed of gift application may be used.

When will my document(s) be returned?

There is a 2 week turn around in receiving document(s) after recordation.

How do I get a VLR coversheet?

Click here

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Fines, costs, and restitution

My license was suspended for non-payment of court costs, fines and restitution, but I paid it.

Bring in your receipt, cancelled check or credit card bill and we will un-suspend your license.

I owe fines, costs and restitution and need to go on a payment program.

Fines and costs are required to be paid within 15 days of the final disposition of your case.  If you cannot pay within the 15 days you may apply at the Clerk’s Office for a Time to Pay Plan (TTP)


If your case has gone to the Collection Agency complete forms and bring them to cashier.  Upon review, you will be directed to the offices of Glasser and Glasser.

I was in prison and the court charged interest on my fines and costs.

Costs and fines are related to a specific charge.  If you are serving time, the charge that you are serving time for will not accrue interest, however, any other charges that you have costs and fines assessed against will accrue interest until paid in full.

My Probation Officer sent me down to pay restitution and get on a time to pay plan.

Come to the court and fill out Time to Pay forms and refer to Finance Clerk.

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I need a passport right away.

Normal service for issuance is 12 – 18 weeks.  Anything less then that – use expedited service.

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My notary expires before the new one arrives at the court house. What should I do?

You will not be able to notarize documents until the new one is received.

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DD 214’S Military Discharge Certificates

Customer is requesting a copy of his DD214 papers.

Has it been put to record in our court? and what year?  The Copy Center on the 7th floor can assist you.

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Concealed Handgun Permits

How long does it takes to process a conceal handgun permit?

Normally 45 days.

I want to submit for the application form for a concealed handgun permit, but I am not a resident of Norfolk.

You must file in the city that you are a resident.

What do I need beside the application form when filing?

Valid ID card, $45.00 fee and Certificate of Handling/Training.  Prior military papers attesting to training is acceptable, such as PQS Sheets, Discharge Papers with Expert Pistol Shot Ribbon, etc.

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Ministers Licenses

I am a Minister from another state and want to perform a wedding ceremony in Norfolk.

You need to provide a copy of ordination, valid ID, a letter to Clerk stating occasion.  Fee of $31.00 and you must post a $500.00 bond.  Must execute oath of office form.  The procedure might take several days to process/verify.

I am a Minister from another state and want to perform weddings on more than one occasion.

The Clerk of Court will only issue authority for a wedding to be performed by out-of-state ministers for a specific event.  There are no blanket periods allowed.

Once the Clerk has authorized me to perform the wedding can I perform the ceremony out of Norfolk?

The authorization is valid within the state of Virginia.

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I have a judgment/lien that shows up on my credit report that was satisfied.

We can provide a certified copy of the judgment/lien release so that you can provide it to the reporting agency.

I want to check for liens/judgments against my house.

Deeds Division has public use terminals that allow citizens to look up recorded documents on file at the courthouse.

I have a judgment that has been filed against me, how much do I owe and can I pay it off?

You have to contact the company that filed the judgment against you.  We can only give pay-off amounts for active criminal judgments.

I have a judgment that has been taken care of but is still showing up on my credit report and the company is no longer in business.

A debt is always owed.  You should consult with an attorney who probably will file a petition in the circuit court.

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General Questions

I want to pay my personal property tax.

You pay the Treasurer’s Office at City Hall, 1st Floor.

I want to pay my parking ticket.

Parking tickets are paid to the Parking Office across the street from the Marriott Hotel or you may pay them online on the City of Norfolk Web Site

I need a copy of a Death Certificate.

Death Certificates may only be given out by the Department of Health. This area is the Public Health Building at 830 S Hampton Ave near Norfolk General Hospital if it is recent.  You may obtain a form from the Clerks Office to send to the Division of Vital Records out of Richmond also.

I need to use a phone.

Pay phones are available on the court-room side of the building.

I need a copy of my Birth Certificate.

Contact the Division of Vital Records in Richmond.  The Clerks office does have a form that you can send them.

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How do I apply for a restricted license?

If your license has been suspended by the Court upon conviction of certain criminal offense (i.e., Drugs, DUI, Grand Larceny-Auto, Unauthorized Use-Vehicle), they will have to complete a Restricted License Application and submit it to the Criminal Division. This process will take a few days for processing and you will be contacted by the Clerk’s Office.  If your license has been revoked administratively by DMV, you will need to complete a Petition for Restoration of Driving Privileges through the Civil Division.


What happens if I do not appear for a court date?

CAPIAS may be issued for your arrest.

How can I determine when someone will be released from jail?

Call the Records Division of the Norfolk Sheriff’s Office at 757-664-4700.  The jail determines and sets the release date.  The Court only imposes the time to serve.

How do I determine if my case has been continued and/or if my appearance is necessary?

You must contact the Attorney that issued your subpoena for information about the status of whether your appearance is necessary. Should you be needed for the next scheduled court date, that attorney will re-issue another subpoena for your appearance.

How do I find out which Courtroom I need to be in?

First determine whether your matter is a criminal or a civil case and check the appropriate docket to determine if your name appears.  If you find your name, you will need to report to the Courtroom number printed next to the case.  If the name does not appear on the docket, please refer to the public access terminals, our website, or a deputy clerk for assistance.

My case has been continued.  How do I find out my new court date?

The docket clerk can be called upon to determine if in fact the case was continued and if a new date has been set.  You should contact your attorney to determine why the case was continued and why you were not notified.  You may further refer to the website to check if the court case is actually on the docket the evening before or the morning of the scheduled Court date.

How do I find out the results of a particular case?

Typically cases are updated on our system by 3:00 pm the next business day.  The desired information on the case outcome can be obtained from the website or you may contact the Clerk’s Office for assistance from a Deputy Clerk.

How do I find out the amount of my Court Costs?

To determine court costs, please contact the Clerk’s Office for assistance from a Deputy Clerk as this information is not accessible to the public via the website.

How do I get my case on the docket for a Motion to Reconsider?

You must ask your attorney to file a written motion with the sentencing Judge to place the case back on the docket for reconsideration.  If your attorney is unwilling, you may write to the sentencing Judge and request reconsideration yourself.

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