Staff Directory

Main Number (757) 389-8942
ClerkThe Honorable George E. Schaefer, III
Chief DeputyMr. Thomas A. (Tom) Larson
Executive AssistantMs. Toni Duquette
IT ManagerMr. Gregg Duquette
ComptrollerMr. Nick Georges
Security OfficerNate Williams

Civil, Probate and Deeds Division  
Supervising DeputyMs. Crystal Porter
Administrative Assistant DeputyMs. Janell McGowan
Docket ClerkCivil Docket Clerk
Civil, Probate and Deeds Deputy ClerksMs. Deanna Drake
Mr. Derryck Merritt
Ms. Tracey Staples
Mr. Ryan Gallagher
Ms. Jessica Bowden
Ms. Evelyn Willis
Ms. Yvette Gonzalez

Criminal Division  
Supervising DeputyMs. Davina Lyles
Administrative Assistant DeputyMs. Marquita Saunders
Docket ClerkCriminal Docket Clerk
Grand Jury ClerkMs. Betsy Webster
Appeals ClerkCriminal Appeals Clerk
In-Court ClerksMs. Brittany Hopper
Ms. Kimberlee Neblett
Ms. Jessica Baker
Ms. Sonya Turner
Deputy ClerksMr. Lloyd Brown
Ms. Kamiran Shell
Ms. Betsy Webster
Ms. Lindsey Thomas
License, Permits, Finance & Jury Division  
Supervising DeputyMr. Gerald Stokes
Administrative Assistant DeputyMs. Tanika Russell
Deputy ClerksMs. Elli Kurland
Ms. Annie Torlone
Ms. Nakia Ward
Mr. Cy Williams
Ms. Lauren Rice
Ms. Tanae Tabron