Passport Service hours are:
8:45 am to 4:45 pm
Monday through Friday
(except holidays)

Passport applications are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. No appointment is needed.

We have on-site passport photographs, all applications, instructions, and can provide expedited service if necessary.

To reduce your wait time, we recommend that you complete the online passport application prior to arrival.

The Norfolk Circuit Court Clerk’s Office is pleased to offer passport services.  This is only a service provided by the Clerk’s Office.  Any problems, requests for refunds, or complaints are handled by the United States Department of State.

Passport Fees are as follows:

Passport (over 16 years old):$165.00
Passport (under 16 years old):$135.00
Passport Card (for land travel only)
16 and over:$65.00
Under 16:$50.00
Get both Passport and Passport Card
16 and over:$195.00
Under 16:$150.00
Expedited Service Fee:$60.00
Overnight Delivery Return Fee:$21.36
Passports Photos (1 required):$15.00
File Search Fee:$150.00
Passports Photos (1 required):$15.00
Fees are the same for first-time and renewals

Processing time for passports is now 6-8 weeks for a standard passport and 2-3 weeks for an expedited passport from the date the application is received by the State Department.

If you have international travel within 72 hours (3 business days), please go directly to the Passport Agency Office in Washington, D.C.

Track your passport progress and get additional information concerning passports, visas, and travel alerts on the website of the U. S. Department of State