Correcting an Instrument Index or Description

The following procedure applies to correct an Index or description on a recorded instrument.

Procedure to correct a recorded instrument

For description errors (Va. Code §55-109.2):

  1. Complete a correcting affidavit in accordance with Va. Code §55-109.2.
    1. Click here for a sample corrective affidavit.
  2. Submit the correcting affidavit to the Clerk’s Office for recording.

For indexing errors (Va. Code §17.1-250):

To maintain a permanent record of the change request, you must either;

  1. Submit a Deed of Correction (COD), or;
  2. Submit an affidavit for recordation.

The Filing Fee for both options is $21.00 for 10 pages or less and $35.00 if over 10 pages.