Getting Started in Civil

Filing a Civil Case

In order to file a suit in the Civil Division of the Norfolk Circuit Court you will need a Motion for Judgment prepared before you attempt to file. There are no forms available for filing your Motion for Judgment. You need to make sure that the defendants’ address is listed on the Motion for Judgment. If you wish to have the defendant (s) served you will need to provide copies for each party being served. You also need to make sure that your address and phone number are listed on your paperwork. You are more than welcome to represent yourself, but the deputy clerk’s cannot give legal advice. If you wish to hire an attorney but do not know one, you can obtain the name and telephone number of a local attorney through the Virginia State Bar Referral Service by calling (804) 775-7977 or the Norfolk & Portsmouth Bar Association at (757) 623-0132.

Cases in which one or both parties are represented by counsel. Within 30 days of the filing of a responsive pleading to a motion for judgment or bill of complaint, removal papers in a case removed from General District Court, or the proper papers in a case appealed from a District Court, counsel for all parties shall select a trial date approved by the Civil Docket Clerk and they shall complete, endorse and file the scheduling order with the Clerk.

Cases appealed or removed from General District Court in which neither party is represented by counsel will be set by the Docket Clerk. Notice will be sent to all parties involved.

Civil Case Filing Cover Sheet is mandatory.

Download Form cc1416 – Fill-able