Land Record Fee Changes Effective July 1, 2020

In accordance with legislation passed and effective July 1, 2020 we will begin collecting the Hampton Roads Regional Transit Fund which states:

“…is hereby imposed on each deed, instrument, or writing by which lands, tenements, or other realty located in a county or city located in a transportation district in Hampton Roads created pursuant to § 33.2-1903 is sold and is granted, assigned, transferred, or otherwise conveyed to or vested in the purchaser or any other person, by such purchaser’s direction…” The rate of the fee, when the consideration or value of the interest, whichever is greater, equals or exceeds $100, shall be $0.06 for each $100 or fraction thereof, exclusive of the value of any lien or encumbrance remaining thereon at the time of the sale, whether such lien is assumed or the realty is sold subject to such lien or encumbrance.