Land Records and Case Information

George E. Schaefer, Clerk of the Norfolk Circuit Court is pleased to announce the availability of Criminal and Civil Case Files via a Secure Access Internet portal. This service is a convenience and is therefore available ONLY to members of the Virginia State Bar. In order to access the system, you will be required to complete an application providing both a valid email address and your Virginia State Bar number. The VSB number will be validated prior to authorization. This service is available by annual subscription only and the pricing schedule is listed below. As in our Secure Remote Access system, this addition is governed by the subscriber agreement. Links to the Subscriber Agreement and Application are below.

Information available includes:

File Type From Date
Civil Case Files 01/01/1987
Criminal Case Files 01/01/1996
Deeds and Land Records 01/02/1968
Financing Statements 03/01/1993
General Miscellaneous 03/01/1993
Judgments 01/11/1990
Marriage Licenses 01/02/1929
Wills and Fiduciaries 03/01/1993


Pricing Structure

Group 1 includes the following: $500.00 per year or $50.00 per month

  • Deeds and Land Records
  • Financing Statements
  • General Miscellaneous
  • Judgments
  • Marriage Licenses
  • Wills and Fiduciaries

Group 2 includes the following: $500.00 per year (only available as an annual subscription).

  • Criminal Case Files
  • Civil Case Files

All Group Access includes Groups 1, 2: $900.00 per year (only available as an annual subscription)

NPBA Members – Group 2 Access: $200.00 per year (verification of NPBA membership required)


Secure Remote Access Subscriber Agreement and Application

Remote Access Site

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